Mid-Week Update: Week 10.5

Dan and I are about to fly off to enjoy a weekend stargazing on Tenerife in the Canary Islands! With all our planning for that trip, as well as a problem set due for physics yesterday, I still haven’t been able to finish my post about the wine-tasting excursion and football game from Saturday. But I promise, it’s coming soon!

I certainly plan on blogging about our trip to Tenerife, but for now, here is a short post to update you on the goings-on of my week so far.

My approach this time is a little different from previous weeks. I’ve resolved to try to take a photo every day for the rest of my time here. A serene landscape on clear day, a selfie in front of a grand monument in a foreign city, a particularly beautiful hedge, a cute dog…. It will be part of my practice of gratitude.


My week in photos

A peaceful Monday morning on the Rhone…

On Monday, Dan and I made taco/burrito bowls for dinner. We sacrificed some of our designated chili ingredients to fill our bowls with quinoa, kidney beans, chopped tomatoes, salsa, lettuce, corn, and ground beef. It was delicious, filling, and cheaper than Chipotle. (Could still use black beans, though.)

Tuesday, I met again with Pauline, my Tandem language-learning partner, for French practice. This time, we rendezvous-ed at Livresse, a cute café whose wordplay-name describes its hybrid nature: half bookstore (livre for “book”), half coffee shop (ivresse meaning “drunkenness” or “intoxication”). I enjoyed a cappuccino as we chatted on the outdoor patio.

On my walk home from our coffee date, I came across a lovely patch of flowers.

During my workout on Wednesday after class, as I lay on my yoga mat in our room to do some sideways-scissors, I noticed the silhouette of our window’s iron railing projected onto our ceiling by the midday sun. Its simple, fleeting beauty caught my eye.



General updates

Now, one-third of my way into this program, I finally decided to make a travel/study abroad Instagram account! Follow me @madworld.travel (*** UPDATE 09/04/17: This username is different from the one I had when I originally published this post! ***) or check out my feed on the sidebar (if you’re reading this on a computer). I’m having some difficulty snagging the username I actually want, however, so I’ll let you know if/when I change it…. 😉 (UPDATE 09/04/17: I got it 🙂 )

I’ve also made substantial progress on my CERN project! Big updates should be coming soon… Stay tuned!


With love,

Maddie 🙂

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