Week 18: Most exciting morning so far??

Last week got off to an interesting start.

I woke up on Monday at 7am to the sun streaming through our window, unimpeded (we forgot to close the curtain, oops), and the smell of something burning. I figured it was Kavi in the kitchen cooking breakfast, maybe letting his eggs sit in the pan a minute too long, so I didn’t think much of it. I got up, went through my normal morning routine, and got ready to go downstairs for my workout.

Upon opening our door, I was immediately greeted by a haze of smoke in our hallway.

I yelled to wake up Mina and Casey as I dumped my stuff on my bed and ran into the kitchen to find the source: a pot of chicken broth that had been left to simmer overnight. The stock had completely evaporated, leaving the vegetables and chicken bones burning at the bottom of the pot and producing the smoke. I quickly opened the kitchen windows and turned on the hood fan.

As Mina stumbled into the kitchen, I wondered both why the fire alarm had not gone off yet and whether we could air out the kitchen ourselves without setting it off. No sooner had the thought crossed my mind when the alarm sounded; a loud thump from upstairs told us that the emergency ladder to the roof had activated. Mina, Casey, and I cursed to ourselves as we donned sweatshirts and made our way outside.

We were the first ones out of the building and everyone else trickled out slowly, most of them having obviously just dragged themselves out of sleep. We made sure to fill everyone in so they knew it was nothing to worry about.

Our quiet little street was soon blocked off by two firetrucks and an ambulance. Our neighbors poked their heads out their windows to watch as we giggled sheepishly in a huddle half a block down. The firemen cleared out within 10 minutes and we were allowed back in the building.

Eh, it doesn’t look too bad now…

We’re all able to laugh about the incident, looking back. No one got hurt (except Mike, who apparently lost half an hour of valuable beauty sleep) and the smell cleared out of our building in 24 hours. That pot will probably be a little crispy on the bottom for the rest of its life, but it’s a small sacrifice to pay.

We all knew it was Peter who left the chicken stock simmering overnight; he’s done this half a dozen times before and it was always fine. Most of us saw the pot simmering on the stove the night before but thought nothing of it. But we’re sure as hell never going to let Peter live this down now. 😉

Still, the new sign in our kitchens posted by Res Life was probably a bit of overkill…


After Monday, the rest of the week was pretty tame. Here are some photos:

A view of the Jet d’Eau from my walk home on Tuesday.
The harbor next to the Jet where I rested after Wednesday morning’s run around the lake.
Some ducklings I spotted on Wednesday! Hard to see in this photo, but I promise they were adorable.
We had some extra bread to use this week…so I made French toast with fried bananas!


More ways to use up bread: Avocado toast and toad-in-a-hole!



After class on Thursday, Dan and I left for Paris! We were there for about two-and-a-half days. I’ll be writing a blog post about it ASAP (although I have quite a queue of posts due at this point…) For now, enjoy this sneak preview:


This week should be pretty ~chill~, work-wise at least, because we don’t have any quantum lectures and there is no homework due. Weather-wise, however, it’s supposed to be hot—up in the 80s by the weekend! I’ll probably miss the worst of it, though, because I’m going back to Chicago on Thursday!! I fly out of Geneva on Thursday morning, have a brief layover in Warsaw, then head out to Chicago to catch my brother’s high school graduation that night. I’ll be cutting it a bit close (landing at 5pm for a 7pm ceremony!), but hopefully O’Hare’s customs are kind to me.

I fly out of Chicago on Sunday night; due to the time change, I don’t arrive in Geneva until about 7pm on Monday. It’s a lot to go through in just four days, but I think all the jet lag will be worth it!



Maddie 🙂

2 thoughts on “Week 18: Most exciting morning so far??

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