Week 20: Our final week of freedom

Classes ended this past week and the reading period began. This coming week we get 17 new housemates. Our era of freedom is drawing to a close.

It has only been four days since UniGe classes ended and most of my classmates have already recessed into the dark corners of their rooms, studying at every waking hour (even on the weekend!) and breaking only for meals and our nightly movie. They have a hellish final in less than two weeks. I only have one final at the end of June, but I need to start studying ASAP. (I’ll do it when I get back from London….)

Our studies will only be hindered by the untimely arrival of the BU Geneva summer study abroad students. This coming Tuesday, 17 bright-eyed and bushy-tailed IR students will be arriving to cohabit our humble abode for the remainder of the program. From what we’ve heard from the RAs and program managers, these students are here to party and make the most of their summer study abroad experience. Historically they have not gotten along with the physics students. I suspect this year will be no different.

Alas, c’est la vie.

This week

I spent most of Monday on a plane back to Geneva from Chicago. (Read all about that in last week’s post.)

Tuesday night, a group of us watched the 2015 Oscar-winning film Spotlight (also about Boston, so cool connection). It was disturbing and thought-provoking but very well done. I really enjoyed it—well, as much as one can “enjoy” such a movie.

On Wednesday morning I went for a run around the lake, as I often do. My Wednesday mornings have stuck to a similar timeline since spring break, but this will probably be my last week doing it because I have to go into study-mode by next week.

My typical Wednesday morning routine looks something like this:

08:00 – wake up and go to breakfast

08:45 – finish breakfast, go back to my room and chat with Casey and Mina until they leave for class

One of the many potable water spigots in Jardin Anglais — a good place for me to refresh myself after a run.

09:30 – do various small tasks, like go through emails or read

10:15 – leave for my 3-mile run around Lake Geneva

10:45 – finish my run, stretch, and meditate either in the Jardin Anglais or by the Jet d’eau

11:00 – return to the apartment and do a Blogilates cardio video

11:15 – stretch

11:30 – shower

At the Jet d’eau this week, I saw a mama duck with some ducklings! (I think I saw the same family a couple weeks ago but this time I got a better view.)

We didn’t have quantum lecture on Thursday! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Instead, I went into CERN and continued working on my project. Progress slowed down a bit because I need to finalize things with various contacts, but hopefully I’ll have results to show soon!

On Saturday night we watched the Champions League Final together and all mourned when Juventus lost.

Saturday: Storm clouds coming in over Geneva.
Sunday: Clouds rolling in over the mountains to the west of Geneva.

Quote of the week

Trump’s “covfefe” tweet was close to claiming the top spot this week, but I had a couple more local favorites:

“His legs go burny-burny.” – Mina, in reference to Anakin’s legs in this gif:


“Is hair cooler in a ball?” – the ever-eloquent Mike, in reference to us girls wearing our hair in high buns on very hot days (note the use of the word ball instead of the more common bun)


Coming up

Dan and I leave for London today! We’ll be there until Thursday afternoon and so far we’ve booked the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tour, a Shakespeare play at the Globe, and the world premiere of the “Bat Out of Hell” musical. Read all about it this weekend (hopefully!) We were both devastated to hear about the attack over the weekend and our hearts go out to everybody who suffered as a result. We will be sure to be extra cautious as we explore the city, but nevertheless, we hope we can still enjoy our time there.

For my final ~big trip~ of the semester, I will be traveling to Marrakech, Morrocco, with Dan, Mina, Mike, Zach, and Patrick! Mike has been pushing this trip for months now and we actually were able to find cheap flights for the penultimate week of the program. We’ll be there for two days and two nights. We plan on eating lots of couscous and going on a camel excursion. (Hopefully we’ll also be able to do some stargazing!)



Maddie 🙂

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